Celebrating SKELEC’s Platinum Sponsorship of Sugar Mas 52, and the SKELEC Power SocaMonarch Competition


The St. Kitts Nevis Carnival Committee is thrilled to announce that the St. Kitts Electricity Company
Limited (SKELEC) has confirmed its status as a Platinum Sponsor for Sugar Mas 52 with a sponsorship
contribution of $150,000. This marks a historic moment for Carnival as we celebrate a major boost to
our cultural festivities, reflecting the vibrant and dynamic spirit of our island.

Today, Ms. Patrice Harris, Corporate Communications Manager of SKELEC met with Ms. Shannon
Hawley, Chairperson of the St. Kitts Nevis Carnival Committee to formalise this commitment. This event
not only signifies the financial contribution but also reinforces SKELEC’s dedication to supporting the
cultural fabric of our community.

Empowering the Festival with Energy and Excitement
SKELEC’s substantial sponsorship will power the essential electrical infrastructure for the entirety of
Sugar Mas 52, providing a seamless and vibrant experience for participants and spectators alike. From
the lighting of Carnival Village to the provision of connections for vendors, SKELEC’s support will
illuminate the heart of our celebrations.

A New Era for the Soca Monarch Competition
With great enthusiasm, we further announce that SKELEC will also hold the Title Sponsorship of the
Soca Monarch Competition, henceforth known as the SKELEC Power Soca Monarch Competition. This
partnership reflects the energy and dynamic spirit of both entities and will propel the competition to new

The SKELC Power Soca Monarch Competition will offer substantial prizes, including:

  • Winner: One-year of electricity valued at $3,600.
  • First Runner-Up: Six months of electricity valued at $1,800.
  • Second Runner-Up: Three months of electricity valued at $900.
  • Third Runner-Up: $300.00 electricity credit.
  • Special Cash Prizes: $1,400 for compositions that creatively embody energy themes,
    celebrating SKELC’s role in our community.
  • Additional Rewards: $1,000 in prizes and giveaways, underscoring the symbiotic relationship
    between SKELEC and our cultural heritage.

A Union of Cultural Celebration and Community Support
The St. Kitts Nevis Carnival Committee extends heartfelt thanks to SKELEC for their Platinum-level
support. This sponsorship is a testament to SKELEC’s unwavering commitment to cultural development
and community engagement. Together, we are set to make Sugar Mas 52 an electrifying and
unforgettable celebration.