Sugar Mas Awards


The inaugural SMAs hosted by Unoma ‘Lady Sunhine’ Allen was held on Saturday 12th November, 2022 and it was truly a grand affair.

This award recognizes and rewards those who received first place in a National Carnival event.

First National Carnival Queen (St. Kitts) – Hazel Brookes (1971)

First National Carnival Queen (Nevis) – Fleur-Rovina Claxton (1971)

First National Senior Calypso Monarch (St. Kitts) – Levi “Entertainer” Weeks (1971)

First National Senior Calypso Monarch (Nevis) – Spencer Hanley Lord Lindbergh (1971)

First Ms Rural Queen (represented the Cayon Community): 1973 Theolynda Levine- Willett (1971)

First to win Road March title: Sundar Popo with “Play You Mas” (1971)

First Junior Calypso Monarch (St. Kitts) Gairy Knight, Mighty Throwback (1973)

First Junior Calypso Monarch (Nevis) Irwin– Kirthly Morton (1977)

First National Carnival Talented Teen Queen , Nevis – Agnola Hendrickson (1978)

First National Carnival Talented Teen Queen, St. Kitts of St. Theresa’s Convent School now ICCS) – Sandra Rawlins now Sandra Douglas (1978)

First Queen of the Bands – Louvina Bertie (1978)

First Mr Talented Teen – Bernardo Phipps of St. Theresa’s Convent now ICCS (1985)

First National Carnival Female Calypso Monarch: Jacinth Henry-Martin (1995)

First Party / Soca Monarch: Richie Buntin with Frontline ( 2001)

First National Carnival Swimsuit Queen – Alsanarda Hanley (2015)

First National Carnival Mr GQ – Jevon Romney (2015)