Road March Contenders Set the Stage for a Musical Extravaganza

The St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival Committee (SKNNCC) is excited to announce the release of 32 invigorating songs from 14 dynamic Road March contenders. These tracks have been released on at least two radio stations before the set deadline of Friday, 17th November, showcasing the rich musical talent of our nation.

In line with the SKNNCC’s commitment to excellence and community engagement, the policy to release songs five weeks before the start of Road March judging at J’ouvert has been successfully implemented. This ensures that the melodies and rhythms that define Sugar Mas 52 are woven into the fabric of daily life as we approach the celebrations.

Adding to the excitement, the Road March will also feature a new dimension of competition during the Grand Parade on 1st January.

Here are the contenders and their contributions to the Sugar Mas soundscape:

● Grand Masters Band: “Happy”, “Wrong Man”, “Different Level”, “Keep Out”, “What A Want”

● Stadics: “Bumper Heat”, “We Music”

● Asap Band: “Take a Ride”, “We Carnival”

● Short Dan (Javid Wilkinson) Ft DSac band: “Face Dung”

● Small Axe Band: “Hard to Beat,” “Showcase,” “Touch de Road”

● Upset Squad: “Waist (Pirate),” “No Fake Bum”

● King Honesty: “Beat de Drum,” “Bun dem Calories”

● 5 Star Pino: “2 Can Play that Game (Jam on Somebody)”

● Klymate: “Road,” “Real Mas”

● Starr Black: “Steel Pan Rapsody”, “Steel Pan Sonics”

● Jervin: “Carnival Sickness”

● Kollision Band: “Gee dem Pressure”, “Jet Ski”, “Bring it”, “Cookie”, “Big Batty”

● Nu vybes Band International : “Ken & Barbie”, “Road Call”, “Memo”

● Bary C: “Pumping Water”

The carnival spirit is already palpable as these songs fill the air and streets, setting the tone for what is sure to be an unforgettable Sugar Mas 52. Let the music move us, and the best Road March anthem lead the way to a joyous celebration.

The SKNNCC celebrates the dedication and passion of all participating artists and we look forward to the incredible showcase of talent that the Road March brings to our beloved Carnival.