Sugar Mas 52 Unveils ‘Wonder Land – The Secrets of Paradise’, A Grand Opening of National Carnival

The allure of Sugar Mas 52 beckons as the St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival Committee officially
opens Carnival with ‘WonderLand – The Secrets of Paradise’! This enchanting voyage into the
heart of our vibrant culture promises to be a thrilling experience for all.

An Exceptional Parade
Embark on a journey of wonder on December 15th as the parade commences from the Newtown
Fisheries Complex at 3:00 PM. The procession, an explosion of colours and creativity, will wind
its way through the streets, capturing the essence of our rich heritage.

Enter Paradise at Warner Park
At 6:00 PM, step into paradise as the Warner Park Cricket Stadium transforms into a hub of
cultural celebration, entertainment, and excitement. Prepare to be captivated by the charm of our
festivities as you explore ‘WonderLand’. At 7:30PM the Opening Ceremony will officially

Complimentary Gifts, Delights, and Prizes Await
The magic of Sugar Mas 52 extends beyond the visual spectacle. Join us for an evening of cultural
enrichment and unveil the mysteries of our paradise. Enjoy complimentary gifts, delectable treats,
and captivating prizes that will elevate your carnival experience.

Admission is Absolutely Free
One of the most remarkable aspects of this event is that admission is entirely free! We warmly
invite all residents and visitors to partake in the wonder and joy of Sugar Mas 52.

Experience the Splendour
Mark your calendars and get ready to be ‘All In With Your Crew For Sugar Mas 52’ at
‘WonderLand – The Secrets of Paradise’ on December 15th. This is an event that promises to
transport you to a realm where dreams come to life, and where our cultural heritage shines