The Cable | Green House Band 50th Anniversary Junior Calypso Monarch Celebrates Outstanding Talent

In a thrilling culmination of calypso rhythm and youthful energy, the 50th Anniversary of the Junior
Calypso Monarch, presented by The Cable and Green House Band, dazzled audiences with an
extraordinary display of talent from primary and secondary school students. This milestone event,
hosted at the Kitts Marriott Resort on December 10, 2023, has set a new benchmark in nurturing
and showcasing young calypso artists.

The Primary School Competition was a whirlwind of musical genius, with performances that
captivated and moved the audience. Mighty Zen emerged as a calypso sensation, scoring a
staggering 390 points to secure first place. Lady Faith, with her enchanting performance, earned
334 points to be the deserving first runner-up, while Prince Khi, with his vibrant and energetic
rendition, claimed the second runner-up spot with 332 points.

In the Secondary School Competition, the stage was set ablaze with passion and prowess. Star
Boy Nicolas, a true embodiment of calypso spirit, clinched the title with 428 points. Mighty J, with
a powerful performance, scored 404 points to become the first runner-up, and Princess Neveah,
with her soul-stirring melodies, garnered 396 points as the second runner-up. Their performances
were not just entertainment but a journey through the heart of calypso tradition.

This event was more than a competition; it was a celebration of the enduring legacy and evolving
future of calypso music. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the young calypsonians
who participated, with a special commendation to the winners for their outstanding achievements.

Our sincere gratitude goes to The Cable and Green House Band for their unwavering support in
fostering the next generation of calypso talent. Their dedication to this art form has been
instrumental in its continued growth and popularity among young people.