Thrilling Eliminations Set the Stage for the Carib Brewery Senior Calypso Monarch Semi-Finals

The St Kitts and Nevis Carnival has once again ignited nationwide enthusiasm through a spectacular two-
day elimination event for the Carib Senior Calypso Monarch Competition. These exhilarating eliminations,
which took place at the iconic Sprat Net in Old Road on December 2nd and 3rd, have left no doubt that
Sugar Mas 52 is poised for greatness.

The eliminations featured an impressive lineup of over 40 calypsonians hailing from two renowned Calypso Tents – Legends and Proud Sounds. Each performer brought their unique flair and creativity to the stage, captivating the audience with their lyrical prowess and social commentary.

After intense deliberations, the distinguished panel of judges faced the challenging task of selecting the top 16 semi-finalists who will take centre stage in the upcoming semi-finals scheduled for December 14. While all calypsonians demonstrated their exceptional talent and storytelling ability, the following have been selected for the next phase of competition:

Issa Kamal 444
Hollywood 414
Mighty Godfrey 413
King Socrates 412
Lady Diva 402
Mighty Pat 401
Lady Composer 401
Green Tea 382
Queen Singing Jackie 379
De Mighty Watch You Back 376
Invincible 376
iSour Soup 373
Baker 373
Mighty Fredy 371
King Craig 370
Nutsy 365